Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss Women’s Hormone & Metabolism Program is the next evolution of weight loss plans. This physician-supervised weight loss program focuses on balancing hormones, increasing metabolism and burning excess fat, so weight loss can be easy.

A slight imbalance of hormones can cause your body to retain fat, making it virtually impossible to lose weight easily. The delicate process of balancing your Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol, Insulin and Thyroid hormones can be very difficult. Some of the most common road blocks that can cause an imbalance in hormone levels are:

  • Food Choices
  • Stress Levels
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Hereditary Factors
  • Medications
  • Perimenopause/Menopause

Without knowing your hormone levels prior to starting a weight loss program, it can be nearly impossible to know how much weight you can lose and if you can maintain the weight loss. How many times have you started a weight loss program and failed? Did you stop the program because you weren’t getting the results you desired? Did you want to know WHY you weren’t losing weight quickly on your program? With our Women’s Hormone Balancing Weight Loss Program we will find the underlying causes as to why you may not be losing weight and tailor a program specific to your individual hormone levels for maximum weight loss.

How it Works

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    Step 1: One-on-One Consultation

    During the initial one-on-one consultation with a weight loss specialist, we will review your health history, goals and any questions you may have on the program. Each person’s situation is unique and we want to make sure our hormone weight loss program can help you achieve these goals prior to getting started. Based on your symptoms, needs and personal goals we will move forward with prescribing comprehensive hormone determining lab work.

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    Step 2: Hormone Weight Loss Lab Report

    Prior to starting any hormone weight loss program, each patient will receive a 20+ page customized lab results report which will be analyzed by our weight loss physician. This detailed report displays elevated lab markers, deficiencies and hormone imbalances with suggestive actions.

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    Personalized Female Hormone Balancing Weight Loss Plan

    Based off of your hormone lab report and goals, our physicians will create a 100% personalized hormone balancing weight loss program to balance your hormones and lose weight. Your program can include a combination of therapies to achieve hormone balance and weight loss.

Female Hormone & Metabolism Weight Loss Therapies

Nutrition IV Therapy: Give your body the extra boost it needs by delivering fat-burning nutrients directly into your blood stream. Each nutrition IV therapy session takes only 30-60 minutes and some patients feel the effects immediately.

Women's Lab Testing: Before starting on any weight loss program, each woman will receive comprehensive lab testing. This lab test will help us understand if your hormones are causing you to gain weight. We test for levels of estrogen, testosterone, vitamin D and much more.

Targeted Nutritional Therapy: Specific nutrients can be used to help support hormone balancing and lose weight. Through these medical-grade nutraceuticals, your physician may prescribe a combination of formulas to help synergistically support hormone balancing, blood sugar control, reduce cortisol levels, increase metabolism and curb cravings.

Fat Burning Injections: With women having impaired metabolism or difficulties releasing fat from the abdominal region, fat burning injections may be prescribed. These weight loss therapy injections help burn fat, increase energy and metabolize fat.

Relax Injections: One of the largest contributors of fat storage in the body is stress. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise which creates excessive fat storage areas in the body. Relax injections are the natural solution to help support stress relief. Containing GABA, Theanine, Magnesium and Taurine, this formula works by calming nervous activity and anxiety.

Online Health Coach: Through our Medi360 Connect health coach app, you will have a personal health coach at your fingertips. This online health coaching program gives you both meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, dietitian cooking videos, exercise videos and have the ability for your health coach to track your meals, exercise and symptoms remotely. Video chat, text messaging and tracking of your progress through the app from your health coach is not only convenient but extremely effective in losing weight. If you have a Fit Bit or Apple Health wearable fitness tracker, it automatically syncs so your coach can monitor your fitness levels.

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